Thursday, April 22, 2010

That's it! Back to Winnipeg!

Me interpreted by my lovely GF.

Packed up some clothes, some vans, my skateboard and some tools. Gonna be in the 204 for two weeks.. Maybe I'll see ya around!

A certain someone's favorite adult film genre.
Hipster Bingo
Harlem Globetrotters for Steph's Bday!
Pirate cred : Kurtis Bartoshyk
Bowling at The Forum with Eve and Handsome Garth.
My first time bowling with the 'big balls'. :I

Stay cute/handsome,
the mart.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm an aquarius, yo!

Oh hi! I haven't updated the ol' blog in a long time, but recently
found myself with an iPhone that was bursting at the seams.
Steph and I headed home for the holidays to spend time with
family and friends.. Needless to say, we had some serious fun!
Steph's sister Brig was nice enough to let us take over her room
and set up a home base. The best hostess!

Got my jog on.

Some drum dudes.

My brother from another. On the subject of Mr. Mcknight, he was gracious enough to invite us to a delicious christmas dinner at his parents house just outside of Carman. It was alot of fun and I got to drool over his dad's 1969 Chevelle SS 396 4speed convertible from Barrett-Jackson. whoa.

James Loves Martin & Jed
December is Kyla.
Porn and a delicious Potluck with La Familia at Papa Pell and the lovely Miss Duda's new schmancy condo. Atta boy!
Spinach dip on christmas eve with mama and SB.
Happy NYE from me and my new $29 Club Monaco shirt!
Best buds for life. (missing a few though) P.S. Wish I could have hung with Matthew Lazer more often.. :( :(
L-Dubs! (who may or may not have enjoyed mussels recently)
We've only got 4 minutes to save the world. Too busy O./popping bottles to get the 12.00 picture. :S

Fast forward to Jenga night at Adam W's (half a hoser)!
Lots of ROFL's, gaming, Jenga and Chicken Delight. It was my last night with the guys and it was a great one! P.S. Elan is on another level with her technique, and Adam W. can make a doozy of a cocktail.
An Olds Cutlass 4-4-2 on a rooftop?! Only in WPG. :)
Alright back to Montreal where the grocery shopping goes off.

We got new sheets and a duvet for christmas!
Michelle invited us to the Bang-On christmas/birthday party!
This handsome buddy was there, and ready to be adopted. Sooo many pitbulls in this city, and they seem so friendly. Just don't make one mad.. :/

Wore my fedora out for the first time.. Was kinda nervous until I had about a million sourpuss shots then felt pretty handsome.
Ended up at a Japanese karaoke place on Crescent with private rooms. It's like a labyrinth inside and I got lost coming back from the washroom. Had to call Steph for directions, and even then walked into more than one AZN birthday party room. whoops.
New band called Forehead feat. Christina Ricci, NPH, that dude from Star Trek, Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page.

Michael Cera got Jersey Shore'd. The most blow out.

Pug Life.

Snapped this pic of Satan getting punched out at a museum on Sherbrooke. Hi DPG!
Steph has a new gamer profile and it looks pretty accurate I'd say.
Other than that, it's good to be back in MTL.. I'm going to be working downtown with Michelle and friends at Bang-On so that's a plus. Also it's my birthday saturday and Steph is taking me shopping, then we are having people over, then heading out on the town for a fun night. Jed is coming for a visit in a week or two, and I really hope to see other GTB's soon too!
Hope all you peeps are livin' it up and staying happy and healthy..
One love!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tegan & Sara-Sainthood

Heyo! Getting pretty excited for Halloween.. pretty much one of the best times of year, I'd say. Skull courtesy of Jamie Vandal.
Montreal in the fall is really, really nice. I've been going on lots of walks/exploring etc. Also remembered how great Half-Cabs are for extended periods of outdoors time.. :S

Lac des Castors is a cool duckpond halfway up Mont-Royal that was designed by the same guy that designed Central Park in NYC. Also, best hot chocolate so far in MTL..

The St. Laurent!
Steph picked up a new bag!
Went to La Ronde for Cecily's birthday bash. So fun! I really thought I was an experienced rollercoaster rider, but as it turns out, my stomach told me otherwise. Sat out on a few, and opted to keep my poutine with me. It was Steph's first time, and she went on everyone! What a trooper. Try and spot her..

Oldest rollercoaster in North America! My fave.

Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch. 15lb bird successfully roasted and carved! :)

Have you seen this video that plays before movies in theaters? Oh man. Shiloh=worst. ever.


So when does it take your picture? Should I smile now?

Construction is almost finished on the Smith family estate..
'Sufer' wigs available at VV.

Me in 40 years.

There's this sharp ledge in our apartment hallway. Two stubbed, bleeding toes on the first night living here. Great minds think alike. <3

Hope you gals and ghouls are happy and warm.
xoxo gossip mart.